Seinen > Seirei no Moribito

Seirei no Moribito (精霊の守り人)
Illustrated by Fujiwara Kamui (藤原カムイ) & Written by Uehashi Nahoko (上橋菜穂子)

Genre: Seinen, adventure, supernatural

Summary from Manga-Updates: Once every 100 years, a Water Fairy implants an egg into a person who then becomes the Guardian of Fairies. This time, the responsibility falls on Chagum, the second prince of the New Yogo Kingdom. Chagum’s life isn’t easy. The king finds Chagum an inconvenience and attempts to have him killed. As a result, the queen asks a female guard, Balsa, to protect Chagum. In addition to this, beings from another world, known as Nayugu, constantly attack him in order to eat the egg carried in Chagum’s body.

Length: 3 volumes

Previously scanlated: [Read Online]
Volume 1 Chapters 1-2 [TMI-Scans]

The End scanlations: [Read Online] [Download]
Volume 1 Chapter 3: released
Volume 1 Chapter 4: released
Volume 1 Chapter 5: released
Volume 2 Chapter 6: released
Volume 2 Chapter 7: released
Volume 2 Chapter 8: released
Volume 2 Chapter 9: released
Volume 2 Chapter 10: released
Volume 3 Chapter 11: released
Volume 3 Chapter 12: released
Volume 3 Chapter 13: released
Volume 3 Chapter 14: released
Volume 3 Chapter 15: released
Volume 3 Chapter 16: released
The end!


3 thoughts on “Seinen > Seirei no Moribito

  1. Thank you so much for translating this manga. I loved the anime as well (bought it) and ended up buying the 2nd novel that was translated into English. On the last page, you mention that there was another manga for the 2nd book, Yami no Moribito. Any chance you might be translating that? Thanks again regardless!


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